small business web site development

WebsiteWiz develops creative website solutions that work. Our clients are small and medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations. Our strategy is to combine corporate identity, marketing, design, and web technologies to help our customers meet their goals at a price they can afford.

We build sites for now and for the future. All of our clients' sites are designed to grow with the business, are user-friendly, visually striking, fast-loading, and based on "best practices" in web development.

Please see what our clients have to say about us, read about our services, and learn about our company. Sites we have designed and produced are featured on each page of this site.

IN 2001, our company received an "e-Business Award" from the St. Louis Business Journal in the Best Independent Designer contest.

Please contact us if we can assist you or if you have questions about our company and services.

clients say . . .

"Patsy West is a quick, cogent study who imagined my web site better than I could have, and made it happen after only a short meeting. She knows everything I don’t know about the web and that frees me to focus on my core business. She contacts me with update suggestions, and makes changes on deadline as I request them. I couldn't’t ask for a better IT partner! And the proof is in how many parents call me and say, ‘I understand what you do now, from visiting your web site, I’m ready to schedule my student for your course!' That’s a web site that serves my clients. Thanks, Patsy, thanks."

- Janis Murray, Murray Prep