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James West, b ca 1782 NC and
James C. West, b ca 1809 SC

James C. West first appears in 1840 in Pike Co., Ala. Using census records and family migration information, it appears likely that James C. West was s/o James West, b 1782 NC.

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Presumed Family Group

James WEST, 68, in 1850 census, b ca 1781/2 NC; wife Rhoda, 54 in 1850, b ca 1795/6 Ga. Gary points out that she is probably the SECOND wife, as she is too young to be the mother of Alfred and James C. West.

a. Alfred West, b 1806/7, Ga.; wife Charlotte, b ca 1808/9 Ga. Family in Walton Co., Fla. in 1850 and 1860. Wife is head of household in 1860, so he must have d bef 1860. Has daughter named Rhody/Roda

b. James C. WEST, b 1807-1812; m Jane/Jinsy BELL, b c 1818-1823, SC/Ga. His birth estimates are based on:

-- Homestead application, MS - he said he was b SC--This is stronger evidence for his birth and place of birth than census records. He was the souce.
-- 1850 c age 42, b Ga. – so b ca 1808
--1860 c: 48, b Ga. – so b c 1812
--1880 c: 71, b Ga., both parents SC – so b ca 1809

Note gap in births between James C. and Edmund.

c. Edmund WEST, b c 1821/2 Ga. (39 in 1860), wife Nelly

d. Richard WEST, b c 1824/5 (35 in 1860); wife Polly

e. Sion W. WEST, b 1827/8, Ala. (22 in 1850 in parents' HH; 42 in 1870)

f. Dau., b 1825/30 (10<15 in 1840 census)

Note gap between births. Could be grandchildren.

g. James C. WEST, b 1835/36, Ala. (14 in 1850 in James West's HH)

h. William WEST, b c 1837/8, Ala. (12 in 1850 in James West's' HH)

Why two sons named James C. West? Could youngest sons be grandchildren of a son b between James C. and Edmund?

Assumptions used to put family together

1. James West, b ca 1782 and James C. West are adjacent HH on the 1850 Census in Walton Co., Fla. By 1860, James C. West, Edmund West and Richard West are together in Wayne Co., MS. Their and their children's birthplaces are consistent: male HH all b Ga., older chn. b Ala., youngest chn., b MS. (Note that James C. West said on his Homestead application that he was b SC.)

2. 1840 census shows James West with 4 sons, 1 dau and wife in Pike Co., Al. James C. West and Alfred West are also there on the same page in separate households.

3. West family probably moved to MS by about 1855, based on b of Richard's child (if it is accurate place.

4. I believe they family was in Georgia (before Ala.), also, as the older sons consistently show their births as being in Ga. in census records.


NC/SC to GA (by b of Alfred West in ca 1806/7) to Pike Co., AL by 1827/8 by birth of Sion West to Walton Co., FL by 1850 census to Wayne Co, MS by 1860 census.

Census Records

See census information here.