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Census Records

You will need Adobe Reader to view the files. Print the files in "landscape" orientation. These lovely spreadsheets are available from CensusTools for free.

1790 Census

South Carolina: Recorded all 33 West households. Download, Part 1 and Part 2

1820 - Georgia

Searched for James West in Georgia. He probably lived in Georgia before moving to Alabama by 1830. All his census records report his b as Georgia, but on his homestead application, he reported being born in South Carolina. We found two James Wests in Georgia, as well as a Jonathan West adjacent to one of the James.

The Carolinas also need to be searched.

Download Georgia results

1830 - Pike Co., Ala.

Pike County, Alabama - James West; Dividely West & James West in Montgomery County, Alabama (adjacent county to Pike) - Searched for all West families in Pike County. Also searched state-wide for James West. There also was a James H. West in Jefferson Co., Ala. (Birmingham). Did not abstract that record.

Download Alabama results

1840 - Pike Co., Ala.

Pike County, Alabama - James West, James C. West, Alfred West

Searched only Pike County.

Download Alabama results

1850 - Walton Co., Fla. / Santa Rosa Co., FL

James West, 68, b NC, and James C. West, 42, b Ga. are listed in adjacent households. Alfred West is in Santa Rosa Co., Fla. (borders Escambia Co., Ala.) and 2nd county to west of Walton Co., Fla. Alfred's was the only West family in the Co.

Did not search statewide.

Download Florida results

1850 - Pike Co., Ala.

I also checked Pike Co., Ala. for 1850, since the two James Wests were there in 1840. I found 6 West households, and 1 male West living in a Snider household.

Download - 1850 All Wests - Part 1, Part 2

1860 - Wayne Co., Miss. & Walton Co., Fla.

Alfred West's family, headed by wife Charlotte, remained in Walton Co., Fla. in 1860. Her family is the only West family in the county.

James C. West, Edmund West, and Richard West are in Wayne Co., Miss. Presumable James West, b ca 1782 is dead by 1860.

Download - 1860 Fla. & Ala.

Only searched Walton Co., Fla. and Wayne Co., MS

Nelson West - 1860 - Duval Co., Fla.

This name caught my eye, as my ancestor is William NELSON West. Duval Co., Fla. is on the Atlantic Ocean, the second most northern county. It's very close to Georgia.

There are three West families in the county: Robert, 67, b SC and William, 28, b Fla. Nelson (age 18) West is the s/o Robert West.

Download - 1860 Duval Co., Fla.