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Springer, Miller & Allied Families

Springer Y-DNA Project

We encourage Springer males to participate in the Springer DNA Project. We have!

The test is a wonderful way to find other Springer lines that you connect with.

Springer Family Records



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"Springer Estate" Papers (aka Springer Heir Hoax)

From the 1870s until the late 1930s, thousands of Springers across America formed associations to claim the alleged estate of Charles Springer who died in New Castle County, Delaware in 1738. Newspapers ran stories with headlines like "Heirs Laying Claim to $500,000,000 Estate to Meet Here Today,""City Offers to Pay Off Heirs: Wilmington, Del., Would Settle for $500,000,000," and "Actress Who is One of the Heirs to Site of an Entire City."

The claim was that Charles leased land to the City of Wilmington for 99 years and that the land had not been returned to his heirs nor had the heirs been compensated. Charles Springer did not lease land which grew into Wilmington, and the City of Wilmington never offered to settle with the "Springer Heirs," as there was no valid claim.

The following are part of a collection of private papers sent by Paul Springer (1886 MO - 1964 CA) to his nephew, William Burton Springer Jr. of Kansas City. Paul was the great-grandson of John N.W. Springer.